Uluslarası Pazarlama ve Finans-Bütünsel Yaklaşım yayınlandı. International Marketing and Finance-An integrative Approach has been published

Barışık bir dünya için karışıklıkta ışık olması dileğiyle. 180 (65 Euro) TL fiyatla tüm dünya kitapçılarında Lumbert Academic Publishing- Almanya tarafından satışa sunulmuştur. Hayatımın her döneminde beni cesaretlendiren tüm dostlarıma atfediyorum.

Bu kitapta isimlerini zikretmekten büyük bir mutluluk duyduğum kişileri, aşağıdaki satırlarda kitapta yayınlanmış olduğu üzere, sizlerle paylaşarak onlara olan sonsuz şükranlarımı bir kere daha ifade etmek istiyorum. Allah bu kitabın cari hayrından onları ebediyen nasiplendirsin…

I will be very honoured to remention those who encouraged me to write this book. May the God keep them blessed forever.

My Sincere Acknowledgements

Apart from the efforts of someone, the success of any project depends largely on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. No one walks alone on the journey of life. This is just the time for me to thank those that continuously urged me to write a book while they joined me, walked beside me, and helped me along the way. If I name them here, this book and it’s pages will be seen as “thanks” to thousands of you who have helped make my life what is today. I wish to avail myself of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to all those who were not mentioned here for their inspiration along my life.

But I would wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to Prof. Dr. Mithat Çoruh, Prof. Dr. Ihsan Sezal, Undersecretary Murat Bayar, , Dr. Şevket Yirik, Dr. Uyanık Yıldırım, Dr. Nadir Bıyıkoğlu, , Dr. Necati Turan Uslu, Prof. Dr. Mark Dragan Smith, , Izzet Yürekli, Mustafa Çolak, Süleyman Özbakış,  Lawyer Ali Fikret Serim, Lawyer Hilmi Barlas, Mustafa Çolak, Cafer Kara, Mustafa Aydın, and Ömer Toker  for their inspirations, encouragements and vital contributions in my life.

But I feel obligeful to those having a special place in my life: Undersecretary and Ambassador Vahit Erdem, Undersecretary Prof. Dr. Ali Ercan, Dr. Veysel Yayan. Hüseyin Özeri. Nadi Köklü Mr. Herb Minix and Mr. Fegley for their sincere assistance during my experience at the big scale projects in Turkey and in the United States and Caribbean Islands and helping me when it is really needed.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Mahmut Karadağ and his dear family, for their warm love, inspiration and support at my early years of the university.

I am forever indebted to my beloved parents who sincerely devoted their time and service that boosted my self-esteem and taught me holistic responsibility, humility and how to value the lives, thoughts and expressions of others, how to care for and understand their needs. And my heartfelt thanks to my grandfather, my brothers, Vahap and Selahattin. They inspired, encouraged and fully supported me morally and spiritually in every trial that came my way.

And Finally, I want to presenet my heartfelt thanks to my family members who were always with me with their warm love, inspirations and encouragements. They were not at the forefront but having signitures under my present life.

To God of the all, I am always thankful for the strength that keeps all of us together in love and hope for the future.


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